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If you want to Buy/Sell Performing Loans, Non Performing Loans, or Newly Originated Loans that are secured by real estate, then visit FCI Exchange.  This is a separate company with a very popular web based platform where Buyers and Sellers of notes in any servicing can work directly together Buying and Selling notes. 

FCI Exchange also offers pre-purchase DUE DILIGENCE OPTIONS FOR ANY LOANS  (on FCI Exchange or outside) to assist in analyzing purchase price and determine value.

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.  Residential
.  Commercial
.  Land
.  Construction
.  Manufactured housing attached to land

Newly Originated Loan: A Loan of any type that has just been made and just closed. The originating Broker/Company may have funded the Investor in at the closing, or the Broker/Company may have funded the loan themselves and will assign (or sell) the note to an Investor later. The originating Broker/Company may have a Note Rate and a Sold Rate. For example the note was originated at a Note Rate of 12% and is being sold to the Investor at a Sold Rate of 11% with the Broker/Company keeping 1% as additional monthly compensation (also known as a “Spread”). The Broker/Company will typically continue to monitor the loan through the servicer, and provide guidance to the investor.

Performing Loan: Any loan that is current, one or two months delinquent, according to its original or modified terms.

Non Performing Loan: Any loan that is three months or more delinquent. The known situation for each loan should be disclosed.

Loan Pools: A group of loans that may be Performing, Non Performing or mixed. The situation for each loan in the pool should be disclosed.


If you want to Sell almost any type of real estate secured Loans, simply go to FCI Exchange where you can list those Loans for sale and thousands of potential Buyers will see them.  FCI Exchange is the nation’s leading trading platform for all types of real estate secured loans.

Wherever you buy Performing Loans, Non Performing Loans, or Newly Originated Loans, FCI Lender Services can be your designated Servicer for the purchase. If the Loans you buy are already serviced by FCI Lender Services, then the servicing continues after the purchase with no disruption to the borrower.

If you buy Non Performing Loans, our Specialty Loan Servicing department is designed to effective turn delinquent Loans and Loan Pools into cash.  FCI Lender Services is one of the oldest Specialty Servicers in the country. 

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